Bright Future International School - Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Formation of Bright Future International School was a head start towards the journey of success, excellence, and commitment. Prime motive behind establishing this institution was paying back to the society by providing a better educated, well groomed and more cultured generation that upholds true spirit of morals and ethics.

Educational philosophy of the school is self narrated in its motto “We are the future.” Future demands us to be ready for ever challenging and endless environment, and the best way to cope these oddities is to equip ourselves with the latest knowledge. We strive to offer practical implementation of knowledge that lends our students wisdom to defeat ignorance, and turn them into a true learner.

We have taken limitless initiatives for providing the best quality education. Our school has one of the most enviable campuses in the city and improvements are underway to make it a role model for others. At the same time, we have set rigorous academic standards as there is no compromise on quality of education. All important paraphernalia is being provided to the administration and teaching staff; and highly qualified teachers have been engaged and a solid infrastructure is in place to offer the best educational milieu.

Actions speak louder than words; our students’ achievements in academics and co curricular attest the allegiance and adherence to the pledge.  We are on the move and in this process we want to involve every parent, teacher and child. We have covered a great deal yet there is lot to be accomplished, and together we can make difference.