Welcome to Bright Future




Welcome to Bright Future

Bright Future International School is one of the most dynamic and quality institutions in Doha, Qatar. BFIS has a clear objective to impart quality education to International community with the commitment. Established 16th April 1996, the School has achieved an au fait reputation within a span of few years. BFIS has seen significant growth over last twelve years and the rising strength of the students speaks of parents’ trust in the standard of education being offered here.

School is committed to providing:

A stimulating and comprehensive programme of studies through which students are inspired to achieve their greatest potential and adapt to a diverse and ever changing society.

A dedicated and professional faculty and administration that will encourage students to love learning, take appropriate risks and accepts challenges.

A caring and respectful environment within which each student feels valued and develops the understanding that diversity of gender, physical or mental ability, culture and backgrounds are strengths to be appreciated.

Development of character so as to develop confident, resilient students equipped with the disposition to become personally independent and socially responsible grown-ups.


MISSION STATEMENT: We strive for academic excellence and personality grooming through integrated curriculum in line with socio cultural ethos.