Bright Future International School - Bright Future International School

Descipline Rules


        Behaviour Policy and Procedures of the School


The Behavior Policy reflects the Mission and Vision of the school. "BFIS envisages to provide accessible, affordable and progressive educational environment that nurtures passion for learning, desire for advancement and sense of responsibility towards society.  "


We believe that rewarding good behavior and providing encouragement promotes a climate of consideration for others and encourages good behavior rather than merely deterring anti-social behavior.


Basic Values


The behavior we expect from children and all in our school community come from what we value. Our values also shape how we manage behavior in our school. In BFIS we value:


  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • Forgiveness
  • Cooperation
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Responsibility
  • Helpfulness
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration


Main Objectives


  1. Create a safe and secure educational environment for students, teachers and school administration, remove obstacles to help them perform their duties as effectively as possible, and to meet parent expectations.


  1. Promote student positive behaviors and contribute to reducing behavioral problems and occurrence of negative behaviors at school.


  1. Provide teachers with appropriate educational methods, guidelines and effective approaches to address student behavior and to avoid incidents of acute physical and/or psychological harm or abuse.


  1. Introduce students and parents to school rules and regulations and to highlight the importance of adhering to such rules and regulations.


  1. Share and provide support to students to help them identify their needs, interests and to ensure their positive behavior would significantly impact growth and development of their mental abilities.


  1. Foster ethos of mutual respect among students, teachers and parents and all school staff.


  1. Develop standardized procedures and ensure strict compliance by all schools, taking into account principles of equality, fairness and justice among all students in order to contribute to promoting sense of trust of parents in schools.


  1. Develop principles and fundamental rules which are based on appropriate educational standards to inform development of student behavior policy for each school.


  1. Show full understanding and respect to community values, culture and norms and to ensure that students follow and practice them appropriately.


  1. Give priority to public interests or welfare rather than their own individual welfare.


  1. Promote loyalty and sense of belonging towards community.


Student’s Discipline Rules and Code of Conduct


Bright Future International School (BFIS) aims to promote high standards of discipline and conduct through learning and positive encouragement to achieve an ambient and conducive learning environment. We believe in correction through counseling and personal attention towards the students.


Following will be considered as violation of school discipline conduct.


  • Late arrival to the school.


  • Improper haircut and school uniform.


  • Running, playing or shouting in the classes and corridors.


  • Leaving the school premises during school hours without getting permission from Principal /Vice Principal or Coordinator.


  • Bunking/leaving the class without the permission of teacher.


  • Not attending the morning assembly.


  • Any sort of literature in whatsoever form, other than the prescribed text books or library is not allowed inside the school.


  • Fighting, pushing, kicking, hitting, punching, slapping or any form of violence.


  • Bullying such as name-calling, teasing, threats and sarcasm.


  • Use of vernacular/ native language other than English.


  • Bringing any electronic devices like camera, audio/video players and mobile phones etc.


  • Wearing heels, jewelry, bangles, earrings, fancy accessories and other ornaments.


  • Use of nail polish and lipstick or any other makeup material.


  • Wearing cap, hat, unauthorized belt, bandana, boots and other fancy accessories.


  • Misuse of internet, such as nasty and/or threatening emails, misuse of blogs, gaming websites, internet chat rooms and instant messaging, Mobile threats by text message & calls.


  • Any damage to the school property.


  • Students should not litter around and dispose waste in the dust bins.


  • Disrespect and disobedience to the teachers/superiors.


  • Use of foul / abusive language or any kind of misbehavior.


  • Carrying knives, scissors, any other sharp tool, lighters, cigarettes, perfumes, hair gels.


  • Bringing any expensive item or large amount of money to the school.


  • Any kind of disturbance and violence in the school transport bus.


  • Smoking in the school.


  • Cheating in the examination.


  • Students are hereby directed once again to wear the prescribed school uniform when reporting to school. In order to avoid any inconvenience, please ensure that students come to school in proper attire (Tie for boys, Black formal shoes and proper haircut- long hair are not allowed)
  • For girls (White Shalwar or white trouser but no jeans and tights) please note that only black jacket/black sweater is allowed. Only black Abayas are allowed.
  • School reserves the right to send your child back in case of wearing improper school uniform.
  • Note: Discipline committee reserves all the rights to confiscate the wrong Uniform (Colorful Jackets etc.)
  • Students who don’t wear the proper school uniform will be send back to the home
  • Students are strictly prohibited to bring mobile phones / any electronic gadgets in school. Mobile phones will be confiscated from the students and will not be returned until the parents visit school and sign the undertaking.
  • School Reporting Time is 06:50 a.m
  • In case of emergency or unavoidable circumstances student will not be allowed to enter

the school premises after 7:30 a.m.

  • School reserve the rights to send back the students if a student arrives the school after

7:30 a.m.

  • In case of non-compliance, the School reserves all the rights to take strict disciplinary action (including suspension and termination) against the student who violates the rules and regulation of the school.


Procedure / Mechanism of Disciplinary Action


Any of above mentioned violations will be subject to one of the following disciplinary action depending on nature and frequency of violation.


  1. Verbal consultation


  1. Written caution


  1. Written warning


  1. Suspension for maximum three days


  1. Repeated suspension for maximum three days.


  1. Advance termination notice


  1. Immediate termination


  1. In case of any damage to school property , the student is liable to pay the damages which include the cost of item, repairing, transport or any other cost involve.


Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians


The purpose of this code of conduct is to provide guidelines to all parents, guardians and visitors to BFIS, about expected conduct. This is so we can continue to progress and achieve an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.


Expectations with regards to parents/guardians:


We expect parents, guardians and visitors to:


  1. Treat all members of the school community with respect and set a good example in their own speech and behavior.
  2. Clarify a child’s version of events with a teacher, in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue.
  3. Correct their child’s behavior appropriately, where it could lead to conflict, aggressive behavior or unsafe behavior.


BFIS will not accept parents, carers and visitors exhibiting the following:


  1. Disruptive behavior which interferes or threatens to interfere with the operation of a classroom, staff work area or any other area of the school grounds.


  1. The use of loud or offensive language or displaying temper.


  1. BFIS reserved its right to take a necessary serious action against anyone who will blame or misbehave with any staff member of BFIS.


  1. Threatening to, or cause actual bodily harm to any member of our school community, that includes all staff, parents or pupils, regardless of the reason.




  1. Damaging or destroying school property.


  1. Sending abusive or threatening emails, texts or letters. Writing defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments about the school, pupils, parents or staff on social network sites. Any concerns should be communicated through the appropriate channels. In the event that any parent / career is found to be posting libelous or defamatory comments on social network sites, the school will impose sanctions which may include blocking your child’s re-enrolment.


  1. Approaching a child in order to chastise them, because of alleged actions of this child. Such an approach to a child may be considered an assault and may have legal consequences.


  1. Should any of the above behavior occur on school premises, BFIS may consider it necessary to contact the police and if necessary ban the person from entering the school grounds. We trust that parents and guardians will assist BFIS with the implementation of this code of conduct and we thank you for your continuing support. Please make all persons responsible for collecting children, aware of this code of conduct.


  1. Parents, carers and visitors must drop their wards not 15 minutes before the start time of the school. BFIS is not responsible of any mishap if child will come before 15 minutes.
  2. Parents, carers and visitors must be present at the school premises to pick their ward 15 minutes before leaving time. BFIS will not be responsible of any mishap after the leaving time of the school.


  1. Bus attended of private bus must pick and drop the student at the school Main Gate. BFIS will not be responsible of any mishap with students.


  1. Students must leave the school premises after 15 minutes of leaving time. BFIS will not bear any responsibility if any mishap with the students outside the school premises. In case of emergency, parents must contact with school management to inform their late arrival to pick their ward. 
  2. Parents should pay the fee of their wards as per the given schedule, otherwise school reserves the right to cancel the enrollment.
  3. BFIS reserves the rights to refuse the admissions of any applicant.



We look forward to you cooperation in this regard.


With Profound Regards…



Mohammad Nasim

In-charge Discipline