Descipline Rules


Self Discipline and Personal Behaviour

Bright Future International School (BFIS) aims to promote high standards of discipline and conduct through learning and positive encouragement to achieve an ambient and conducive learning environment. The Discipline Committee believes in correction through counseling and personal attention towards the students. Please find below the discipline rules and code of conduct for follow up in true letter and spirit.


 ·  Disrespect and misconduct with the teachers/fellow students, use of foul/abusive language will result in serious action leading to termination from the school.

·  Students must reach the school a minimum of ten minutes before the scheduled time. Repeated late arrivals will lead to first caution, warning letter, followed by a fine and temporary suspension of classes. Students must observe personal cleanliness and hygiene. They should have proper haircut and wear prescribed school uniform. Any violation of uniform will be noticed by a first caution, warning letter, followed by a fine and temporary suspension of classes. The students wearing improper uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes.

·  No student is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours. Short leave is only granted after email by the parents and permission of the concerned Vice Principal. Only parents are allowed to pick up their child in such cases.

·  Students involved in fighting / bullying or any such activity are liable to temporary suspension leading to termination from the school. Social, racial or any other form of harassment is dealt with strictly.

· English is the official medium of instruction and mode of communication in the school. Any kind of vernacular/ native language other than English is not allowed in the school.

·  Any electronic device like camera, audio/video players and mobile phones are not allowed inside the school. Prohibited items will be confiscated by the school authorities and will only be returned to the parents on provision of undertaking.

·  Any damage to the school property will be recovered along with fine and warning letter/ suspension/termination as the case be.

· School gates will be opened 30 minutes prior to the school hours in the morning and the students can enter academic block at 6:30 a.m. Students must ensure that they are picked up by their transport after school not later than 30 minutes after the final bell. School gates will be closed after 1:30 p.m.  Students availing school transport must follow all disciplinary instructions in the buses as well. They must sit on the allocated seat, and must not walk in the buses or create noise that can divert attention of the driver. Any violation may result in immediate suspension of the transport facility.

· Students are not allowed to carry knives, scissors, any other sharp tool, lighters, cigarettes, perfumes, hair gels or any other make up material.

· Students are not allowed to bring any expensive item or large amount of money to the school. In case of loss, the school will not be responsible. Limited pocket money can be brought only.

· Any other undesired behaviour unbecoming of a student will be dealt accordingly.